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ATLAS - Digitalization, Processing, and Archiving

The universal Image Processor ATLAS is intended for capturing, processing and archiving of images from different images sources. It allows to capture and display images from optical microscopes, endoscopes, macro-objectives and other optical devices by means of TV camera and frame grabber, respectively by means of digital camera.

The program contains an ingenious archiving system, which allows users to store their images in album, find specific images or groups of images based on a variety of criteria like codes chains in the image name, in the notice or in the operatorís name, capturing date.

The software also contains a report generator, which simplifies the creation of reports based on customizable templates, and allows the printing of documents directly from the program. Of course, the images are saved in industry-standard formats (e.g. bmp, jpeg, tiff). The program works on the Windows TM platform.

The program also contains procedures for image processing (brightness and contrast handling, sharpening, noise reduction, smoothing, differential contrast, adaptive filters, etc.), for calibration of the system magnification and for measuring of the objects in the image (distances, lengths, circles, irregular areas, calibration of pixel size).

Built as a modular system with future expansion in mind, the program can be extended with the addition of "plug-in modules" such as morphological analysis, or special modules to meet specific customer needs.

The archiving system is compatible with other Tescan products like VEGA or SATELLITE. Processing and examination of the images from VEGA microscope by means of the program ATLAS on another workplace are possible through the local network.

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