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Tescan Vega TS5136

The Vega series of Scanning Elctron Microscopes has already obtained an excellent reputation among microscopists worldwide. The youngest member of the Vega family, the TS5136 Complete, offers the microscope user all the traditional Vega features:

  • Innovative and powerful electron optics
  • A great variety of working mode selections, a range of chambers and a wide choice of supplementary accessories
  • Fast and precise motorised specimen stage
  • Excellent analytical qualities
  • Turbomolecular and rotary pumps ensure quick and easy achievement of a clean working vacuum
  • Sophisticated yet easy-to-use software for microscope control using Windows 2000 or XP platforms
  • Fully automated set-up of the microscope, network operations, and remote diagnostics
  • Comprehensive software for image archiving, processing, and evaluation as standard
  • Customized software and custom developments of special "tailor-made" systems
  • Minimum demands for space, power supply and environment
  • Competitive price/performance ratio

And moreover, new low vacuum qualities include:

  • Medium vacuum operation mode (5-200 Pa) with differential pumping diaphragm in upper position makes it possible to use the Fish Eye, Depth, and Field working modes of the optical system, allowing for an unusually large field of view and high depth of focus
  • Low vacuum operation mode with differential pumping diaphragm in lower position allows for investigation of specimens in very low vacuum - up to 500 Pa
  • Optional original patented(pending patent) Low Vacuum Secondary Electron Tescan Detector - LVSTD
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